Taking over or merging with a company in Turkey

Acquisitions or mergers can be very effective ways to achieve a rapid growth of your enterprise, but are also complicated processes. Together with a partner company, we have four business and management professionals, each with an average of 15 years of relevant business experience, an extensive network in various branches of industry, and the experience of guiding and supervising several successful take-over and merger projects.

[Having a good knowledge of the Turkish culture, an extensive and high quality network and a good command of the local language are indispensable factors for a take-over or merger process to be successful. Therefore it is crucial to have the support of a partner or a consultant in Turkey who has a thorough knowledge of the local business culture, easy access to the relevant public and private institutions, an extensive network at his (or her) disposal and who – last, but not least – has a profound understanding of your wishes and needs.]

Here’s what BST can do for you in your take-over project:

  • country-specific knowledge of your country as well as Turkey
  • experience with take-over projects from the buyer’s as well as the seller’s perspective
  • broad knowledge of – and experience with -corporate financial advice
  • experience with capitalprovision and international business development
  • analyses of the markets and of its major players
  • finding suitable take-over or merging partners
  • conducting negotiations for and on behalf of the client
  • drawing up declarations of intent and agreements

Depending on the project, the duration of a take-over or merger project may range from 4 to 14 months. It all starts with drawing up an inventory in the areas of strategy, finance and operational coordination, as this is the basis on which the partners will have to agree before further steps can be taken.

In case a take-over or merger candidate still has to be found, we will bring in our extensive networks to find and select suitable candidates and establish the initial contacts. This is precisely where our expertise comes in: we know the Turkish business culture, have the required skills to establish valuable business contacts and we know the market.

Personal guidance in your entire take-over or merger project by a business professional

BST’s support in your take-over or merger project implies that you will be in constant and close contact with a professional business professional who, speaking both languages, knowing both cultures, being aware of the pitfalls and knowing how to avoid them, will provide guidance and advice during the entire project, establish the initial contacts and, if necessary, will conduct the negotiations for you.

In addition, we have the skills to provide post-acquisition integration, which is a crucial success factor in the phase immediately after a take-over or a merger.

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