Starting a business in Turkey

Let’s assume that you, a foreign entrepreneur, want to start a business in Turkey. The enterprise could be a new branch of your enterprise in your country, aiming at selling your products on the Turkish market. Or it may be a manufacturing plant because you are attracted by the favourable conditions for manufacturing enterprises in Turkey. Or perhaps you want to set up an import and export business in Turkey and benefit from the favourable economic climate there. These are just a few examples, the possibilities are sheer endless.

[Every foreign entrepreneur who wants to start a business in Turkey will have to take a number of inevitable steps. BST will help you pave the way to carry the operation through smoothly, by guiding you along the pitfalls and obstacles on the way, in which every conceivable factor will be taken into account.]

We can provide a comprehensive package of services specially composed for entrepreneurs like you. This package comprises all the steps that have to be taken by any foreign entrepreneur wishing to start a business in Turkey. If you go for the full package, you will be eligible for our profitable combination rates. However, you can also compose your own package from our services if, for example, you have already made other arrangements or found other solutions for one or more of the services that are included in the full package.

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