Language barrier

Foreign entrepreneurs who come to Turkey on an exploration mission to research the market, to look for potential business partners and to find their way in public institutions for business support, are bound to run into language problems. Most Turks have a poor command of English, if any at all. Without good skills in the Turkish language, including the many dialects, it is impossible to arrange your affairs by yourself.

[In Turkey, business transactions and associations do not come about before a good relationship is established *. Therefore, it is an absolute must to speak and understand the local language. For foreign entrepreneurs who do not speak Turkish, this means that they cannot do without the services of an intermediary to establish the initial contacts, conduct negotiations and act as interpreter.]

*see business culture

BST’s fluent command of Dutch, Turkish and English, together with our experience and know-how enable us to operate at the required level to make your introduction to the Turkish business world a success.

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