Business opportunities and pitfalls

Booming Turkey

Economically, Turkey performs above average and the country is expected to do even better in the coming years. The government is very ambitious in its targets for growth for the next decade and pursues an active stimulating policy with measures such as low taxes and favourable subsidy regulations. In almost all branches of industry there are huge opportunities for foreign enterprises to develop business. In addition to this, Istanbul is a gateway to the entire surrounding region, from the Middle East and North Africa to Western Asia.

Success and pitfalls

In recent years, many foreign enterprises have successfully expanded their business activities to Turkey, but at least as many other enterprises have got stuck in merely good intentions. Commercial success in Turkey not only requires a good business plan but also a thorough knowledge of – and experience with – the local culture, the laws and regulations , a good command of the Turkish language and a reliable contact to establish the initial contacts and provide assistance in communication.

All too often foreign entrepreneurs give up because they are not familiar with the Turkish business ways or do not know how to get in touch with the right business partners. These ingredients are indispensable for a business to succeed in Turkey. Semiha Ünal

Your partner in business development

Thanks to BST’s unique services in Istanbul, foreign entrepreneurs can obtain optimal support for their business plans in Turkey.
Business Support Turkey is your partner for:

  • consultancy & Business Development
  • market research
  • strategy
  • partner search
  • marketing
  • mergers & acquisitions
  • outsourcing
  • interim management

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