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BST delivers a complete service package which provides you with a comprehensive introduction to Turkey and the Turkish market. We can provide you with one-off services, miscellaneous services or the whole package.

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BST Turkey Business Introduction

We fully appraise and identify the processes you need to undergo in order to realise your plans in Turkey. BST Turkey Business Introduction is custom-designed to meet your key objectives, and specifically geared to realising your business introduction in Turkey. On completing this process you will have a clear idea of the various factors that will help you make an informed decision about setting up your business in Turkey.

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BST Partner Search

A reliable contact who speaks your language helping you find suitable business partners in Turkey. Providing you with all the information you need about potential business partners. We follow the proper channels in setting up your contacts with potential partners. We support you during negotiations and help you cross the language barrier. We plan your trip in Turkey and deliver full follow-up until the cooperation is in place and running smoothly.

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BST Startup Support

You have completed the Turkey Business Introduction phases, conducted the market research and have a sound business plan in place. Now the time has come to establish your business. Turkey, like every other country, has its own specific laws and regulations. We can steer you through the various procedures and make sure that all formalities are taken care of.

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BST Real Estate Support

Looking for a suitable office building, warehouse or production facility for your start-up business in Turkey? We have many years’ experience in the real estate sector. We have a broad understanding of the applicable regulations, we know the most suitable locations and have up-to-date information on price levels. We know the best ways of finding the most suitable premises at the best price. BST has an extensive database and every property has been quality screened. This means we can help you quickly find the property that fits in with your plans.

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BST Subsidy Support

Turkey has a comprehensive package of subsidies and incentive schemes for eligible businesses, particularly where foreign investors are concerned. BST has the knowledge and the expertise to quickly and thoroughly source and identify the schemes that will benefit your company, and we can process the application procedures in the correct manner. This will save you much of the time and money it would cost if organising this on your own or via a person who lacks the right experience.

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BST HR Support

The labour supply in Turkey offers countless opportunities for foreign investors who wish to set up businesses in Turkey. BST is the partner who can guide you through the Turkish regulations and HR customs. We have ample experience with HR regulations and legislation in various countries. We have established companies during the years and continue to do so. We have been involved in taking on, employing and supervising, training and discharging staff. We understand the differences in the laws and regulations between several other countries and Turkey and we can guide and coach you or your HR department towards self-sufficiency in this regard.

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