What is BST’s approach and what will you actually get?

Our strength lies in our approach of establishing, always in close consultation with you, the entrepreneur, our client:

  • what information needs to be collected and mapped out
  • what questions must be answered
  • what are the crucial questions
  • what information is required
  • what is the aim of our investigations

Collecting data/information

As a rule, BST starts collecting the necessary information from the following sources:

  • our wide range of current, relevant sources
  • external sources such as the internet, public and governmental institutions, including the Chamber of Commerce, the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Ministry of Development and the Turkish Institute of Statistics
  • annual reports of enterprises (competitors, potential customers)
  • branch organizations and other institutions that are related to the sector in question

Subsequently, BST will establish direct contact, by telephone as well as ‘face-to-face’ with:

  • specialists and experts in the sector in question
  • potential customers
  • competitors
  • business connections
  • connections in public and governmental institutions and other enterprises and organizations

Whenever the situation calls for it, we will not hesitate to travel to a contact or information source anywhere in the country, because it is our experience that face-to-face contacts are often the only way to get hold of the right information.

BST will analyse, process and present the acquired information in a thorough, in-depth report which enables you, the entrepreneur and our client, to assess the feasibility of your business plan and helps you to make the final decision for a ‘go’ or a ‘no go’ in Turkey.

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