Investigation of possibilities for take-overs or mergers

After a thorough study of the entrepreneur’s business plan and strategy, BST will draw up a shortlist of suitable candidates for take-over or merger. For each candidate on the shortlist we will compose a comprehensive profile containing all relevant information needed to form a balanced judgement of that company’s suitability for take-over or merger.

Major components of these profiles are:

  • Background information on the company.
  • Specified statements of its activities and products.
  • The current position of the company and the sector in which it operates.
  • The company’s current economic status: is it stable? Is it expanding?
  • Financial information.
  • If relevant: information regarding the company’s manufacturing activities.
  • The company’s market share.
  • The company’s major customers.
  • The company’s major suppliers.
  • Number and quality of the company’s workforce.
  • The company’s general reputation and its brand value in the sector.

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