Investigation of possibilities for import from Turkey

In our investigation of the possibilities to import goods from Turkey the following aspects will be mapped out:

  • Volume and capacity of potential suppliers.
  • Is the product unique and, indeed, the type of product our client is looking for?
  • The quality of the product (certificates).
  • Is the product already being imported in your country?
  • On what other markets is the product being sold?
  • Applicable Customs duties and tax levies for the sector, the line of industry or the product: are there any licence requirements for the export of the product?
  • Are there any economic stimulation schemes the importer may profit from?
  • What are the average delivery times?
  • Will the client import the product himself or will he employ an export company?
  • What is the geographic location of the suppliers – for instance near a major port?
  • Advice on dealing with currency fluctuations.

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