BST Turkey Business Introduction

Wherever you go, you will hear about opportunities in Turkey. You may wonder what are the prospects for marketing your products or services, outsourcing your manufacturing, production or supply of semifinished goods, joint ventures with suppliers, or imports from Turkey. Maybe you have had no contact whatsoever to date. Maybe you wish to meet the contacts you met before to further discuss your plans. You are not sure where or who to approach first in order to get your business plans up and running in Turkey.

You need a reliable entry point

This is the situation we find facing foreign investors when they make initial contact with BST. The language barrier, lack of familiarity with the country and its business culture, no specific network contacts — all of which can thwart their business plans. Even though their business instincts, coupled with the positive figures in the Turkish economy, tell them there are opportunities here to be grasped.

[Your business instincts coupled with the positive figures in the Turkish economy tell you there are opportunities here for the grasping, yet you don’t know where to start.]

Sounds familiar? What you need is a reliable and appropriate entry-point to the corporate world in Turkey. Preferably someone with a knowledge of the country, its culture, legislation, and agencies. A service provider who knows your situation and can advise you on a strategic level, who can help you take the very practical steps that will set you on a definite course with your plans. And last but not least: a service company who speaks your language and the language of your future business partners.

This is precisely the kind of service you get from BST.

Why the BST Turkey Business Introduction?

The BST Turkey Business Introduction has been designed for businesses which just like yours are taking their first steps in the Turkish world of commerce. This is no general introduction to Turkey but rather a complete appraisal and itemisation of all the processes you will need to follow in order to realise your plans in Turkey. BST Turkey Business Introduction is a customised service, geared to your specific objectives, specifically intended to give you a reliable business introduction to Turkey. When you have been through this process you will have a clear idea of all of the factors that will determine how you as an entrepreneur can take a considered decision regarding the setting up of your business in Turkey.

How will BST help you implement your business plans in Turkey?

Based on our Turkey Business Introduction checklist, we prepare an assessment of your plans or ideas, of potential business partners with whom you have already been in contact, potential business locations or outlets, requirements regarding suppliers, etc. If your plans are not at all complete, we can think this through with you in a session, assuming a clear point of departure from which we can look at the opportunities and business prospects available.

On completion of this assessment, we prepare a specific action plan to achieve a tangible business concept. The plan will clearly identify the steps you need to take to successfully achieve your business objectives in Turkey. It will also identify how to find business partners, outlets, gather information about supplier chains and potential locations, including the relevant information on laws and regulations, subsidies, transport facilities, etc. etc. In short: everything you need to have in place to help you appraise your plans in a practical manner and to clear the way for the best possible approach.

In many cases, this plan will involve a business trip to several locations where you will have an opportunity to meet and talk to potential customers, suppliers and business partners. We organise the trip, arrange the itinerary, coordinate the interpretation and translation services, introduce you to the business culture and generally provide you with the assistance you need throughout the entire programme.

On completion you will be presented with a report of the business trip, including key figures on the locations visited, outlets, supplier chains, transport facilities, etc., geared to your own specific business plan. In this report, we identify the specific factors which (based also on your own experiences during the business trip) will assist you in finalising your business.

What exactly does the BST Turkey Business Introduction provide you with?

  • Reliable people who speak your language to help you find your way in Turkey
  • A clear analysis of your potential business plan
  • A well-planned business trip organised to help you make the most of your time in Turkey
  • All the advance information you need to enable you to implement your plans in Turkey
  • Information on competitors, suppliers, potential customers and joint venture partners, not only on paper but enriched with your own experience
  • A complete overview of your business options in Turkey
  • Clear follow-up steps to help you realise your business plans

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