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Do you need to find a suitable office building, warehouse or production facility for your start-up business in Turkey? Are you unfamiliar with Turkey, its customs and business culture? If so, beware the pitfalls. How do you know you are not dealing with an unreliable person? How can you be sure about the legality of the property you are looking at? How do you cross the language barrier? How do you find out which procedures and customs you need to take into account when renting or purchasing real estate in Turkey? And how do you make sure the deal you are offered is a good deal?

Considerations when renting or purchasing real estate

When looking at real estate in Turkey there are many things you need to take into account. Your location for one thing must be suitable for the activities you have in mind, and available at the right price. You may already have a location in mind. If you do, it would be a good idea to check out the local subsidies that might be available. They tend to vary substantially in the various regions and branches in Turkey. It would also be good to be aware of the conditions that generally apply when renting or purchasing a property, as well as the statutory provisions. All of these matters differ considerably in Turkey.

[Sometimes people try to sell real estate for a higher price if the client is a foreigner who knows little about local property prices.]

Why BST Real Estate Support?

We have many years’ experience in the real estate sector. We have a broad understanding of the applicable regulations, we know the most suitable locations and have up-to-date information on price levels. In addition: we know the best ways of finding the most suitable premises at the best price.

All very nice and handy, you may say. But the real plus for you is our extensive database full of properties that have been screened for quality. Add to this our excellent network of thousands of well-informed and reliable contacts in the business world, at government level and in relevant organisations. All of which is particularly helpful in finding the real estate that most fits in with your plans.

And last but not least: we speak your language.

How can BST Estate Support help you find the best property?

With the help of our Real Estate Support checklist, we draw up a profile together with the client of properties that are for sale or rent. This profile will cover the following points:

  • Region in which the real estate should be located
  • Type of premises sought by the business
    • depot
    • factory
    • shop
    • plaza (a complete floor)
    • complete building
    • office
    • etc.
  • Area size (in square metres or cubic metres)
  • Location
    • Proximity of transport services (airport, customs, port, railways, motorways etc.)
    • Sectoral target group/market locations (clusters)
    • Proximity of suppliers and/or customers
    • Free trade / industrial zones
  • Physical properties
    • Material and load-bearing capacity of floor
    • Space between columns
    • Ceiling height
    • Facilities for loading and unloading
    • Suitability for use of forklift trucks etc.
    • Available facilities for processing of chemical substances
    • Energy requirements/capacity
    • etc.

What can BST Real Estate Support offer you specifically?

Based on the Real Estate profile, we conduct a thorough search of our database and our network to find the best locations and premises. Next, we provide you with a comprehensive selection of suitable properties. Each entry on the list we give you contains all the details you will need to come to a decision.

Once you have made a decision, BST can provide assistance during your visits to potential properties or outlets and during your negotiations. We also provide assistance in checking the legality of properties, in drawing up and appraising purchase contracts or leases, and in filling out tax forms.

BST Real Estate Support therefore covers everything you will need to help you find the best available property for your planned business venture in Turkey: a customised and reliable service, in your own language, with solid guarantees.

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