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Business partners are indispensable in Turkey’s corporate culture. Whether building up a business, selling your products on the Turkish market or importing goods from Turkey, it is essential that you have reliable business partners there. Finding the right business partners is one of the most complex issues for foreign investors developing their business in Turkey.

Why ask BST to do a Partner Search?

To find one or more suitable business partners in Turkey you will need to have the right business partner. All contacts in Turkey depend on knowing the right person — it’s a question of networking and people who know each other. Successfully establishing business contacts in Turkey always depends on being put in contact by someone who knows the people you need. That’s how it works in Turkey.

Of course you have to start somewhere to make headway: a reliable entry-point to this corporate culture. Reliable means you must be sure you will be put in contact with potential partners at the right level. This entry point is precisely what Business Support Turkey has to offer.

[We know the people who know the people you need.]

The value for money BST can offer you is our very extensive networks. Our business networks are distributed throughout Turkey. We also have an excellent network of contacts with government agencies and service-providing organisations geared to the corporate sector.

Would an Internet search not suffice?

The Internet of course will help you find companies in the sector within which you wish to develop your business. But that is totally different to knowing the business on the ground. Using the Internet, it will be impossible to establish whether a company actually exists and is based at the listed address. You will not find out what you need to know about a company’s or its owner’s reputation, yet such matters are crucial in the Turkish business culture. We can activate our personal networks to establish how reliable people are in business, how they conduct business, whether they comply with agreements, pay on time, etc. In this way you will be put in touch with the right people promptly and without wasting time and resources.

How does BST Partner Search work?

We begin by drawing up a profile of the joint venture partner you are looking for. The search profile we use is based on our Partner Search checklist that we draw up with your help. This gives us a good idea of the type of partner you need and the standards you expect of such people.

Next, we turn to our network and database to search for one or more companies that match the search profile. This search provides us with a shortlist of potential candidates who we believe may be suitable partners. The shortlist is then presented to you.

Once confirmed by you, we approach the potential partner(s) and we arrange to discuss the project with each of them. If the Turkish party is interested, and provided we have been given a good impression, we make an arrangement with you to travel to Turkey to discuss the proposed joint venture.

On your arrival in Turkey, all necessary arrangements are taken care of by BST. We organise the itinerary, we furnish the relevant information and communications and, where required, we arrange for translations during the meetings on behalf of both sides.

When it comes to your contract discussions and negotiations, here is where BST can offer added value. We are experienced in providing advice on drawing up contracts and in negotiations up to MBA level between Turkish and foreign investors. We can help both sides avoid any of the cultural misunderstandings that may arise while also ensuring that your business interests are kept in mind.

After you return to your country, we can provide ongoing assistance during business communications with your potential partner(s) until things are running smoothly and you are ready to proceed on your own.

What has BST Partner Search got to offer specifically?

  • A reliable contact point who speaks your language to help you find suitable business partners in Turkey
  • Obtaining all the information you will need about potential business partners
  • Making all the necessary arrangements to put you in contact with potential partners
  • Support during negotiations, bearing in mind cultural differences and based on your business interests
  • Crossing the language barrier
  • Optimal planning of your trip and meetings, thus ensuring that your time in Turkey is efficiently organised
  • Excellent follow-up and further assistance in keeping in contact with potential partners until such time as the partnership is established and running smoothly.

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