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Turkey has a young population with an average age of 27 years. Its economy benefits from a young and energetic working population whose education and skills are generally on par with Europe. Labour costs, however, are much lower than in many European Countries. Turkish people tend to be hardworking and companies that manage their staff well achieve high returns. The labour market in Turkey therefore has great opportunities for foreign investors who wish to set up businesses in Turkey.


However, the availability of a well-educated and relatively cheap and young workforce is not the only difference with the many European countries. In Turkey, regulations on the recruitment of national and foreign staff, terms and conditions of employment, the social security system, the insurance certificates you need, the tax system, employment law, rules regarding wages and termination of employment are all different than in your country. To navigate these systems, investors who are new to Turkey will need guidance.

[In Turkey, the regulations that apply to the recruitment of staff, employment law and taxes are all different than in other countries. To navigate these systems, investors who are new to Turkey will need guidance.]

Why BST HR Support?

BST is the partner you need to help you come to grips with Turkey’s HR regulations and customs. We have ample experience with the HR rules, regulations and legislation that apply in both countries. We have established companies during the years and continue to do so. We have experience in taking on, employing and supervising, training and discharging staff. We understand the differences in the laws and regulations between the other countries and Turkey and we can guide and coach you, your executives or your HR department towards self-sufficiency in this regard.

We also have a broad network and a CV database of Turkish and Dutch-speaking candidates in many areas. We can select candidates for you, put you in contact with them and, where necessary act as intermediaries and/or arrange real-time translations.

How can BST help you find the best people for the job?

We prepare a list of your personnel requirements on the basis of our HR Support checklist. We identify and record the positions to be filled, the job requirements, the language that applies, and whether Turkish and/or foreign personnel are needed. We also take into account the business culture, the dynamics in the sector and of course your specific wishes and requirements.

Once the list has been approved by you, we conduct a targeted search on our CV database and via our network in order to present you with a shortlist of potential candidates. Following your selection, we guide your HR department through the rest of the recruitment process, from interviews with candidates to the proper discharge of all employment and tax obligations.

What exactly does BST HR Support offer you?

  • Guidance through the entire recruitment process
  • Listing of personnel requirements
  • Drawing up a shortlist of potential candidates for your approval
  • Guidance during the interview process, including interpreting/translation services if required
  • A complete customized summary for your HR department of the legal and tax obligations that apply to the positions on offer
  • Information on the terms and conditions of employment applicable in Turkey to the positions on offer
  • Information on the Turkish social security system, particularly with regard to the jobs on offer
  • Information on insurance and taxes relating to the work area
  • Information on wages and termination of employment
  • Where applicable: information on the recently amended Turkish law governing the health and safety of employees
  • Advice and guidance in choosing the payroll system (in-house, outsourcing)

The purpose of the entire process is twofold: in the short term we guide your HR department through the current recruitment process. The long term aim is to ensure that our advice and guidance will enable your HR department to cope on its own with the various recruitment and employment law procedures in Turkey.

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