Company name: ROBIN RADAR
Name: Ronald Tukker
Project: Turkey Business Introduction

BST has a very professional approach. The key essence of the business is quickly grasped and they are an excellent sparring partner for their clients. They work efficient and have eye for detail. Their perfect knowledge of foreign languages and in depth understanding of the Turkish business culture, is a great asset for foreign companies seeking for support in the Turkish market. Service of BST are highly recommended!”

Company name: My Tomorrows
Name: Erdem Yavuz
Project: Start Up Support

“Can do, multi language, diligent and timely execution that aligns well with tight schedules that a fast growing technology platform requires.”

Company name: RKF .N.V./ NG Aircraft
Name: Maarten van Eeghen (Managing Director)
Project: Turkey Business Introduction

“Dear Semiha, may I express my sincere thanks for your valued cooperation in introducing me to the top level Turkish executives relevant for our project. It is comforting to establish that you have an excellent reputation and good access to the Turkish business community, which is very helpful. Thanks again, Best regards.”

Company name: A.O.S. Waterproducts Company
Name: Paul Teeuwen (HR Manager Europe)
Project: Creation of HR Foundation

“Searching the web we found Business Support Turkey. All though there was already an existing company in Turkey, A.O. Smith was starting “Doing Business” in Turkey. Consulting, concerning doing business in Turkey, is the core business of BST and they work with partners depending on the specific request of companies. Another great benefit is the fact that Semiha Unal has also extensive knowledge of our Dutch culture and she also speaks Dutch. This is a benefit in the communication about the needs of AO Smith concerning the projects and the progress of them.”

Company name: Yard9
Name: Annelies den Besten
Project: Partner Search

“Semiha knows decision- making and influential people from various Turkish companies. Even if she does not, she knows the way to reach anyone. Semiha is a great planner and at the same time, she is able to improvise and to adjust when needed. It is very important to be flexible in Turkey. Semiha is determined in achieving the goals she has set for her customers. Semiha read and writes fluently in English, Turkish and Dutch and know both the Turkish and the Dutch business culture from inside out. It was a please doing business with her and I hope there will be the opportunity to work together again in the future.”

Company name: ROBIN RADAR
Name: Bert de Jong
Project: Turkey Business Introduction

“During the conversation with Semiha it was clear that her added value was not only in translation, but especially in sensing of what is going to happen underwater. Furthermore, Semiha has the ability in making the essence of the business rapidly her own and thereby asks attacking and critical questions, which will put yourself back to thinking. Semiha is pleasant to communicate with, is very alert and knows how to distill information properly.”

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