Turkey among top 23 countries attracting highest FDI

Despite the uncertainties in the global economy Turkey is reported to have received US$ 6,5 billionof FDI in the first five months of 2012 with an increase of 11 percent as compared to the same period of previous year.

The successful performance of Turkey in this regard put the country among top 23 countries attracting highest FDI, in 2011.

The Turkish government is fully aware of the importance of attracting FDI into the country and has taken some serious steps after coming into the office.

The minister in charge of trade in the country has often mentioned how the administration looks to this matter and he has recently announced that the expected figure to be achieved in 2012 is around US$ 20 billion.

Among the most important achievements realized by the government is improvement of investment environment to reach targeted figures. In fact, it is known that the target for the next decade is to triple current performance, in this regard.

If Turkey manages to catch these figures it goes without saying it will have realized its target of taking its place among the top 10 economies in the world.

However, another point of major importance is to use these incoming funds in the right channels. Otherwise it would be a disaster which the country would hate to live through. We believe the government has had enough experience during the last decade not to make such vital and fatal mistakes.

Semiha Ünal, MBA
Business Consultant
Founding Director Business Support Turkey

This article was originally written on 04.08.2012 for www.businessturkeytoday.com
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