About Business Support Turkey

Business Support Turkey is a private limited company(TurkishPLC) and is fully owned by Semiha Ünal MBA. Semiha is an all-round management professional with over 26 years of experience in Turkey as an entrepreneur, interim manager and business consultant. Semiha has set up and led enterprises and has guided various business projects in the areas of international trade, corporate communication, international projectmanagement, market research, business establishment, take-overs and mergers, partner search, subsidy projects, industrial outsourcing and human recources.

Semiha Ünal (1967) has the Turkish nationality, grew up in the Netherlands and has lived in Turkey for over 20 years now. By consequence, she is familiar with the Turkish as well as the Dutch culture and mentality. She speaks Turkish, Dutch and English fluently. Semiha has a broad social and business network at her disposal, with contacts in all major cities in Turkey. She is also a respected and popular guest and speaker at business conferences, both in Turkey and in other countries.

Business Support Turkey aims at providing full support, guidance and advice for Dutch entrepreneurs who seek to do business with Turkish enterprises and/or want to set up or take over a business in Turkey. Being very familiar with the Turkish business culture and having access to all relevant institutions and public bodies, BST knows like no other how to go about these matters, at any level.

Business Support Turkey operates with great expertise in any area and at any level, ranging from corporate to industrial business and from small businesses to governmental institutions. BST can facilitate your entry in Turkey, and will see to it that your business plans in booming Turkey will be successful.

Business Support Turkey is a trademark of S4U Business Management Consulting and Foreign Trade Limited.

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