So you want to expand your business to Turkey?

And you are looking for the key to enter the country?

Turkey is booming. Its economy is growing fast and there are opportunities in nearly every sector. Yet, many foreign entrepreneurs are hesitant in taking the step of extending their business to Turkey. Unfamiliarity with Turkey’s language, its business culture and legislation keep many entrepreneurs from setting up a profitable business in Turkey or from entering into a fruitful collaboration with Turkish entrepreneurs. This is unfortunate and unnecessary.

No need to lose time looking for answers. You will find them right here.

Business Support Turkey offers precisely what its name suggests: we will assist, guide and support you in making you and your business succeed in Turkey by helping you avoid the pitfalls and clearing away the obstacles on the way. On this website you will find everything you need.

Semiha Unal talking with entrepreneurs

Business Support Turkey:

  • is established in Istanbul
  • speaks Dutch, Turkish and English fluently
  • has a large, effective network in all major cities in Turkey
  • is familiar with the Turkish business culture
  • is well up in Turkish legislation
  • has ample experience with business development at MBA level in various branches
  • is your partner in consultancy & business development, market research, strategy, partner search, marketing, mergers & acquisitions, outsourcing and interim management.

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